The aim of the present study is to assess the possible success of an immediately loaded technique called “All on Four” in patients exhibiting complete and partial edentulism, the latter subjected to avulsions of residual teeth prior to implant placement.

The present study, conducted between June 2009 and December 2013, involved a cohort of 103 patients aged between 41 and 68 years, both males and females, selected following inclusion and exclusion criteria.

They were candidates for immediately loaded implant-prosthetic rehabilitation of 48 lower arches and 55 upper arches, for a total of 412 implants.
In partially edentulous patients, preliminary avulsions of the residual teeth were performed, most of which were severely compromised.

The implants were placed with a minimum torque of 35 N / cm and had a rough surface, a minimum length of 10 mm and a diameter between 3.75 and 5.3. The temporary prosthesis screwed to the 4 implants showed a wide centric occlusion.

Following the implementation of pre-surgical, surgical and prosthetic protocols required by Dr. Paulo Malo’s “All-on-Four” technique, the definitive prosthesis was finished at 6 months, after tissue healing. 7 implants failed in 3 patients with a patient-related success rate of 99.06% and an implant-related success rate of 98,79% at 1 year. At 48 months, the success rate was 97,09% and 98,31%, respectively.

These data were obtained on the basis of a careful follow-up protocol and several radiographic investigations that document the successful osseointegration and the absence of peri-implant disease.

Through these data, we can conclude that the immediately loaded rehabilitation treatment called “All on Four”, following Dr. Paulo Malò’s protocol, is a valid alternative to the traditional prosthetic implant treatment, since it provides patients with a greater comfort through the improvement of their psychological state, it reduces the number of surgeries and the healing time of peri-implant soft tissues, and offers a quicker recovery of the chewing function.

INCHINGOLO Francesco, COLELLA Alessandro, MARINELLI Grazia, INCHINGOLO Angelo Michele, DE BENEDITTIS Michele, INCHINGOLO Alessio Danilo, SCHINCO Fabio, MARRELLI Massimo, TATULLO Marco, MURA Stefano, MALCANGI Giuseppina, QUATTRUOMINI Luigi, BUSSOLA Annalisa, DIPALMA Gianna, CORTELAZZI Roberto

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