Rhinoplasty “open” represents a
surgical technique to access to the internal structures of the nose; it is an
alternative to more traditional “closed” rhinoplasty. However, both these
techniques have some advantages and some disadvantages. In this work the authors
describe a case that shows the steps of a new surgical technique: the
“semi-open” rhinoplasty.

The “semi-open” technique is performed by making an incision to access on the
mucosa of both the nostrils, and through this access we separate the cartilages
of the columella from the alar cartilages, debriding them at the domus.
With such access we can perform any type of rhinoplasty surgery with functional
or aesthetic purposes.

Traditional techniques have undoubtedly some advantages and some disadvantages.
The “semi-open” technique has the several advantages of the open technique, and
it does not involve the presence of post-surgical scars.

This innovative technique provides great predictability and minimal
postoperative discomfort, with no aesthetic damage.

Francesco Inchingolo, Marco Tatullo, Massimo Marrelli,
Alessio D Inchingolo, Roberto Corelli, Angelo M Inchingolo, Paolo Flace,
Raffaele Cagiano, Gianna Dipalma and Fabio M Abenavoli