Leaf-shaped fibroma is an hypertrophic lesion that can affect the palate under an inadequate prosthesis. The hypertrophic tissue is limited and flattened, supported by a narrow peduncle providing vascularization and acting as a zipper, since it allows the lesion to fold downwards.

The aim of the present study is to show, through a clinical and histological evaluation, the correlation between inadequate removable partial prosthesis (RPP) with metal framework and the leaf-shaped fibroma affecting the hard palate. Also, the Authors aim at showing the effectiveness of  in tissue healing, after surgical excision of the lesion.

This study was performed on a 59-year-old male patient with partial edentulism, rehabilitated with removable partial prosthesis (RPP) and metal framework attached to two crowns molten on teeth 1.6 and 2.6.

Given the close topographic correlation between the palatal lesion and the palatine RPP, a new checkup is performed 15 days after the patient last used the removable prosthesis. Using local anesthetic with vasoconstrictor to control bleeding, the lesion is excised,  is placed and then sutured. The excised lesion is then sent to an anatomic pathology laboratory for the histological evaluation.

After suture removal, there is a complete restitutio in integrum of the diseased tissue, which allowed to provide the prosthetic rehabilitation in short time.

The use of  allowed perfect healing of the palatal mucosa, which is fundamental to restore a prosthetic rehabilitation in short time. Therefore, its use is recommended to satisfy the functional needs and avoid the reduction of the ridge volume caused by alveolysis, and the esthetical needs, which cannot be ignored nowadays.

Università degli Studi di Bari “A. Moro” Dipartimento di Odontostomatologia e Chirurgia
XX Congresso nazionale Docenti di Odontoiatria

INCHINGOLO Francesco, COLELLA Alessandro, MARRELLI Massimo, PALLADINO Antonio, TATULLO Marco, INCHINGOLO Angelo Michele, MALCANGI Giuseppina, INCHINGOLO Alessio Danilo, SCHINCO Fabio, MARANO Giuseppe, GAGLIARDI Angelo, MARINELLI Grazia, DIPALMA Gianna.


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