Background and Aim
Dental implants have today deeply changed the dental field. In fact, after almost 50 years, the permanent placement of a titanium screw with an attached tooth have, step by step, changed the society’s standard toward a permanently replacement of missed or severely damaged teeth. In fact, the host of benefits born from dental implants have affected both patients and dental professionals. The aim of the present study is to report the outcomes of an implant therapy protocol supporting fixed prostheses implanted soon after extractions and loaded with flapless guided surgery by a 3D software planning.

Materials and Methods
37 patients, requiring rehabilitation of booth dental arches with a one-to-one technique, were enrolled in a follow-up study plan which established clinical and radiological examinations on the day after surgery, seven months and one year later. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), in combination with autogenous bone, organic bone material and organic bone substitutes, was used before implant-prosthetic rehabilitation with an its prompt loading just before the implant insertion phase.

Definitive restorations were delivered at 6-12 months after surgical procedure. One year after loading there were no dropouts and no failure of the definitive prosthesis. Furthermore, the feedback from patients resulted positive.

Patients resulted satisfied both aesthetically and functionally regarding these types of prosthetic reconstructions made at the time


F. Inchingolo, A. Ballini, R. Cagiano, A.D. Inchingolo, M. Serafini, M. De Benedittis, R. Cortelazzi, M. Tatullo, M. Marrelli, A.M. Inchingolo, D. Vermesan, M. Del Corso, G. Malcangi, S. Diteodoro, S.A. Mura, S. Cantore, A. Cortelazzi, G. Paduanelli, G.


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