Free gingival graft is a mucogingival surgery where a small layer of keratinized mucosa is removed from its original area and relocated to another area. The area where the mucosa is removed from is called “donor site” and the area where it is applied is called “recipient site”.

The aim of the present study is to obtain the covering of exposed root surfaces, eliminate the pockets in the root areas, achieve a better esthetic result and a better adaptation to the surrounding tissues.

In the present study, the authors treated seven patients affected by class-I and class-II gingival recessions, according to Miller’s classification: three males and four females aged between 32 and 51 years. They both presented with dentine hypersensitivity, marginal gingival inflammation and psychological, aesthetic problems. After clinical-objective evaluation and periodontal x-ray examinations, periodontal surgery was chosen to correct the gingival defect. The adopted technique was free gingival graft, thanks to the presence of a sufficient quantity of attached gingiva in the areas surrounding the lesion. The healing process was monitored with a follow-up at one week, 1, 3, 6 and 12 months.



The results of free gingival graft are the improvement of the clinical condition, the elimination or reduction of marginal gingival recession and the increased width and thickness of the keratinized tissue.

In conclusion, we can state that free gingival graft is a good way to replace or encourage new formation of tissue in case of gingival recession. Grafting allows to obtain good results in most cases and it is not particularly invasive for the patient. However, it is not possible to predict which grafts will achieve long-term success. The results of the treatment depend on several factors, such as the elimination of the causal factor, home oral hygiene, and some risk factors like smoking, which can reduce the chances of success.

Università degli Studi di Bari “A. Moro” Dipartimento di Odontostomatologia e Chirurgia
XX Congresso nazionale Docenti di Odontoiatria

INCHINGOLO Francesco, PUGLIESE Adalisa, MARRELLI Massimo, PALLADINO Antonio, TATULLO Marco, INCHINGOLO Angelo Michele, MARINELLI Grazia, MALCANGI Giuseppina, INCHINGOLO Alessio Danilo, SCHINCO Fabio, COLELLA Alessandro, GAGLIARDI Angelo, DIPALMA Gianna.

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