Facets are the strong point of esthetic, less-invasive dentistry. They are extremely-thin prosthetic manufactures, such as Lumineers, which can be around 0,1 – 0,3mm thick and sacrifice little tissue of affected teeth.

Therefore, they can soon solve those problems caused by dyschromia, fractures or bruxism.

For a long-term success, it is important to evaluate occlusal parameters, centric relation and protrusive function, in order to avoid tensile stress to the restoration. An alginate impression is taken. Then, our technician prepares a mock-up, which is a diagnostic model used to decide the shape, length and color of restorations.

After mock-up evaluation, the temporary implant in acrylic resin can be placed. Subsequently, the elements are prepared, subject to intrasulcular insertion of a retractor wire with cylindrical domed diamond burs, changing over from a coarse to a fine grain.

Interproximal spaces are opened through abrasive strips, to achieve proper contact areas. A biphase secondary impression is taken through low-viscosity materials injected into the models and medium-viscosity materials injected into the trays.

The temporary implant is lowered and cemented, and then followed-up one week later to verify its color and esthetic appearance. Before the final cut, we test the cement color through try-in pastes.

Finally, the cement in excess is removed and the margins are polished by means of small rubber tools.


1) Facets on a 30-year-old female patient with dyschromia of restored teeth #11 and #21, which were treated 15 years earlier.
2) a 40-year-old female patient with excessive wear caused by bruxism of teeth #11 and #21

Congresso Nazionale dei Docenti di Discipline Odontostomatologiche e Chirurgia Maxillo Facciale
Firenze – Siena, 14-16 Aprile 2011

Università degli Studi di Bari Dipartimento di Odontostomatologia e Chirurgia
Direttore: Prof.ssa D. DE VITO
Calabrodental S.r.l. Unità Operativa di Chirurgia Maxillo-Facciale Regione Calabria – Crotone Dir. San: Dott. M. W. Marrelli

F.Inchingolo, F. Simeone , G. Dipalma, A. D. Inchingolo, M. Marrelli, A.M. Inchingolo, A. Palladino, M. De Carolis, F. Schinco, F. Carbotti

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