We report the case of a 51-year-old male patient, who came to our attention with an odontogenic inflammatory radicular cyst.
The postsurgical site was filled with Platelet Rich Fibrin. During the case history, the patient reported that he had undergone conservative therapy of tooth number 1.6 about 15 years before presenting to our attention.

First-level (OPT) and second-level (CAT DentaScan) radiological examinations revealed the presence of an ovoid neoformation around tooth 1.6, which was characterized by well-defined margins.

When we performed the intraoral examination, the patient suffered from localized pain on occlusal compression of tooth number 1.6.
The diagnosis of odontogenic cystic neoformation led the operators to the following surgical protocol:

  • Presurgical anti-inflammatory and antibiotic therapy

  • Surgical phase: after avulsion of tooth number 1.6 and enucleation of the cystic mass with a surgical toilet of the area, PRF was used as filling material of the bone minus in the cystic region. The material obtained by centrifugation was used in two ways: a part of it was left in an amorphous gelatinous form, the other part was shaped as a strong fibrinous membrane, which was then placed on the surgical wound before suturing; we planned a histological confirmation of our diagnostic hypothesis.

  • Postsurgical phase: we included the patient in a follow-up program involving:
    a) antibiotic, antiphlogistic and antiseptic pharmacological treatment;
    b) suture removal after 7 days
    c) clinical and radiological follow-up, 30 days and 3 months after surgery.

Already at the first examination after 30 days, we noticed no symptoms of pain, no sign of soft tissue pain and viability of contiguous teeth. Radiological examinations revealed progressive healing of the surgical site. Besides, the use of PRF reduced the healing time and allowed faster bone regeneration, compared to the data reported in Literature.

F. Inchingolo 1-4, A. L. Valenzano2, M. Tatullo 2, M. Marrelli 4 , A.M. Inchingolo 3, A. Palladino 1, R. Mingrone 4, A.D. Inchingolo1, G. Dipalma1-4
Department of Odontostomatology and Surgery, University of Bari, Bari, Italy
Private Doctor in Dental Sciences
Department of Odontostomatology and Surgery, University of Milano, Milano, Italy
Department of Maxillofacial Surgery, Calabrodental Srl, Crotone, Italy