Despite being a benign tumor, ameloblastoma has severe consequences on the patient’s psyche because of its devastating effects on the bones and teeth of the lower jaw with facial disfigurement.

Therefore, ameloblastoma is one of the most serious diseases to treat. In this regard, an early observation of routine radiological examinations is appropriate to limit these consequences.

The aim of the present study is to define ameloblastoma on the basis of the clinical experience and prompt the dental surgeon to perform direct radiological examinations and indirect actions aiming at reducing the incidence of carcinomas.

Its form is asymptomatic in the first period, then mandibular swelling appears (angle and ascending ramus), covered by normal tissue. Consistency is variable, firm and painless. Paresthesia occurs and more rarely anesthesia of the hemilip as the ameloblastoma does not infiltrate, but only compresses.

Conservative or destructive surgical excision. The missed bone deposition in the cavity is indicative of relapse, so destructive surgery is required with the removal of the neoplasm and of the bone that contains it for 1-2 cm.

Surgical resection remains the most definitive treatment as it allows to control and limit the pathological evolution, thus avoiding an ameloblastic carcinoma. Radiotherapy must be avoided since it is not therapeutic, but harmful since it can turn the ameloblastoma into a malignant form.


While having a slow course, recurrence of ameloblastoma is common for a long period of time and regular follow-up remains the only form of prevention.

New surgical techniques using immediate bone grafts or biocompatible plates and screws, together with a good prosthetic rehabilitation, allow to achieve a good level of social reintegration and to limit the patient’s psychosocial problems.

Università degli Studi di Bari “A. Moro” Dipartimento di Odontostomatologia e Chirurgia
XX Congresso nazionale Docenti di Odontoiatria

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