The increasing use of gloves and other latex products explains the increasing sensitization to this substance both in the health staff and in the general population. The allergic reactions can have an immunologic or irritative nature and the set of symptoms is extremely varied. This depends on the type of exposure, number of allergens and their rapidity to penetrate the human body. Fortunately, the prevalence of latex sensitization in the general population is below 1%. But there are a few professions at a higher risk (health staff, atopic subjects, rubber industry staff and subjects undergoing repeated surgical operations), where the prevalence is higher. In case of hospitalization of a patient allergic to latex, the clinician arranging the admission, after proving the allergy, is supposed to arrange a ?latex safe? environment for the patient.

The protocol that the Authors suggested, comprising the series of precautions previously listed, tends to minimize or remove possible contact with latex materials of patients allergic to this substance.

Results and Conclusions
This allows to avoid the dramatic and uncontrollable consequences that may sometimes arise.


  • Latex allergy
  • Atopic subjects
  • Latex-Safe protocol

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