Cocaine is an alkaloid and a stimulant of the
nervous system with sympathomimetic effects by norepinephrine inhibition. It is
obtained from the leaves of the South American Erythroxylum coca (Fig. 1).

Case Report
A 24-year-old male patient presented with tooth #26 mobility, mucosal erythema
and erosion. He had a positive history of nasal cocaine use. X-ray showed bone
radiotransparency of this area (Fig. 2). For this reason, the compromised tooth
was avulsed and the necrotic bone was curetted (Fig. 3).

Snorting or smoking cocaine causes a series of clinical and social problems to
the user, but also several lesions to nasal cavities, upper airway and palate.

Otorhinolaryngologists and dental surgeons play a key role in the prevention and
early diagnosis of cocaine use, considering the set of symptoms and clinical
manifestations affecting the nasal and oral cavities. Their active involvement
is highly recommended.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Authors’ Contributions
INCHINGOLO Angelo Michele, CARBOTTI Filippo, DIPALMA Gianna, ANGELINI Valentina,
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Fabio, MARANO Giuseppe, CHIARAVALLOTTI Ernesto

University of Bari Department of
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Operative Unit of Maxillo-Facial Surgery Regione Calabria ? Crotone

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