Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme, particularly effective in the treatment of soft tissue inflammations and traumas, in localized inflammations, especially in the presence of edema, and also in postoperative tissue reactions.
THE AIM of the present work is assessing the effects of Bromelain in controlling the edema and the postoperative pain after upper third molar surgery.
The effectiveness of our protocol was evaluated by a clinical assessment of the profile of the hemiface corresponding to the treated area: indeed, the trago-pogonion distance and the linear value of the trago-gonion distance were measured.
Algogens were determined by VAS (Visual Analogue Scale) (Fig.1) with integers ranging from 1 (no pain) to 8 (maximum pain) up to a maximum of 10 (paroxysmal and unbearable pain).
The assessments given in this study clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of Bromelain in treating postoperative edema, during third molar surgery.


Bromelain; Third molar exodontia; Postoperative edema.

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